Group Therapy

Group therapy is a therapeutic method of facilitating a conversation between a small group of individuals with similar issues. Within the group, a safe space is created in which life can be played out but within the safe confines of the group. Mistakes can happen, support given, and confidence developed. These skills can then be applied to life outside the group. The group can be a place where we share these small successes as we develop our skills.

Psychotherapist leading a Group Therapy Session
Participants in Online Group Therapy Session with Christine Janev

Group therapy can be a unique way of being supported amongst peers with similar issues. There is nothing like  thinking you are the only one feeling the way you do. Life challenges can be isolating, so belonging to a peer group can help you feel more supported. Hearing someone speak your thoughts can be liberating.

Identify your problems, but give power and energy to your solutions.

Tony Robbins

My Groups

Grey Divorce: The New Empty Nest!

Find yourself alone after a long marriage? Kids grown and have their own lives? Grey Divorce is the new term for separation after the age of 50. Forget the mid life crisis… that was only the beginning. Often once the children leave the home, couples find little in common. With retirement on the horizon, partners can become fearful and decide to leave. Learn to survive, then thrive, and create a new you!

Issues: Coping Skills, Divorce, Life Transitions
Age: Adults
Price Per Session: $30 – $40

Caregiving 101:

This support group is for the caregiver of someone living with a chronic illness. It will provide a knowledge base in addition to teaching skills to navigate the challenges of caregiving. Being with your peers will help you feel safe and understood as you develop a care plan for you! Putting the oxygen mask on you first will allow you to be the best decision maker, care partner, and partner to your care receiver.

Issues: Alzheimer’s, Chronic Illness, Stress
Age: Adults
Session Cost: $30 – $40